England may not host 2018 World Cup, but we can have impact on Qatar 2022

England may have lost the battle to host the 2018 World Cup to Russia, but they still can have an impact on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as it could have a major impact on the UK construction industry.

Qatar, who won the right to host football’s most prestigious tournament last week, plan to spend billions on building new stadiums and improving their infrastructure ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Therefore UK Trade and Investment are urging British firms to bid for the array of construction work that will need completing in Qatar ahead of the World Cup.

Qatar plan to spend $100 billion to improve their infrastructure, some of which would go to British firms if they managed to win contracts to build new stadiums in the Gulf. In total, nine new state-of-the-art stadiums need building, three stadiums need renovating, and $25bn will be spent on Qatar’s rail network, $20bn on the roads and a new $11 billion airport is set to be built.

The report by the UKTI, titled ‘Rising to the Challenge, Positioning UK Sport Business in the Gulf’, says that UK companies have the expertise to deliver world-class sporting events, and their skills should be utilised to make Qatar 2022 a success. UK Trade & Investment’s Chief Executive Sir Andrew Cahn said in a statement:

“The region’s vast array of sports projects offers a wealth of opportunities for British firms. UK companies have the expertise to deliver world-class sporting events from the bidding and planning stages to delivery and legacy. Whether it’s developing infrastructure, procurement, branding, event management, ticketing or security, UK companies have the expertise and know-how.”

Train4TradeSkills spoke to the UKTI and they said that British firms are well respected in Qatar and have been trading with them for years, which gives UK construction firms a good chance of winning contracts out in the Gulf.

Arup are one of the construction companies who have been working with Qatari officials to develop and design the stadiums, including a test 500-seater stadium that uses solar technology to provide zero-carbon air conditioning.

Arup’s UK-MEA Sport Business Leader Nic Merridew says: “The Gulf offers a wealth of potential opportunities to UK business who are recognised leaders in the sports infrastructure sector.”

If UK firms are successful in winning construction contracts in the Gulf, then this would potentially create thousands of jobs for UK plumbers, electricians and gas engineers, as the construction work would have to start from scratch, as the infrastructure in Qatar is non-existent at the moment.

What do you think – would you go over to Qatar to work on the infrastructure for World Cup 2022?


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  1. I’m here by accident. I started reading and I must tell you that your blog is great. You are writing so many interesting things. I can’t agree with many of them, but it’s ok. I will probably visit your blog more often. I would like to use your words on my own blog. Is it posiible? – Paula

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