Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Amanda talks 100% TMA’s, Virtual Reality and hopes for 2011

Amanda Shaw is training to become an electrician with Train4TradeSkills and tells us what she has been getting up to. To read other blogs from Amanda, go to our Bright Sparks blog.

Well, now Christmas is finally over with and New year fast approaching I decided I’d sit down to update my blog. Just before Christmas I did manage to complete the assignment for module 05 and was nicely surprised to get a 100 percent mark. That was a nice boost after the past few weeks and cheered me up a lot.

I decided that the period between handing in the last assignment and getting into the New Year I would use the time to revise over what I have learnt so far as well as completing the online training. I completed the first scenario on the Scenario CD. For those of you not familiar with the Train4TradeSkills course, the training materials are backed up with virtual reality software. The software gives you the opportunity to enter a virtual house, and to find and rectify electrical faults. The software is therefore a safe way of putting into practice what you have so far learned. Of course there is no substitute for hands on experience, but the software does provide you with the chance to enter a completely safe environment and start having to think for yourself how to put what you have been studying into practice.

I’m now hoping to set up some practice boards in my cellar, I have some board already waiting that my local builders yard have given me for the purpose. I will begin buying the array of sockets, switches, cables, joint boxes, lamp holders etc. so I can start to get some actual hands on experience. I’m hoping this will also help me towards my first two weeks at the training centre. I just wish I had the tools already, especially some test equipment so I could get some practice in using it and making sense of the readings, and filling out some dummy test certificates. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until I get to the centre to gain the experience handling many of the tools of the trade, as buying them is just not an option at the moment.

I am thoroughly enjoying the study all in all, there are moments when self doubt kicks in and I wonder if I will ever get through it, but they are the moments that make me all the more determined. This time last year I would never have believed I’d be here a year on studying to become an electrician. I’m lucky to have this opportunity and in a very big part it is only thanks to my mum stepping up to sign the finance agreement. I am also thankful to have met a lot of people already in the trade on the internet, and the advice and support is a big boost, as well as the support from family and friends who are always willing to offer encouragement and listen to me waffle on about the pitfalls of not having regular safety checks, or trying to imagine where all the wires in their home are running. Bar from me ripping their floorboards up and pulling their consumer units to bits, I’m sure my “new hobby” is quietly driving them nuts.

So it seems my plans for 2011 will be fairly set in stone, Lots of study, as much hands on experience as I can try and get, and a year closer to becoming an electrician. I’m hoping a very productive year ahead. All that’s left to say for now is a Happy new year to you all!!! 

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Train4TradeSkills offer the only trade training skills courses that combine three great ways to learn, through a unique blend of book based theory, practical workshops and virtual reality PC based training, to help you qualify you as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer. No other learning provider offers our unique way to study, with full tutor support, easy to follow, step by step modules. Once you complete one part of the course and return your work for marking, the next stage of the course automatically follows. It’s as easy as that. It’s fun, it’s easy to follow... and it can be fitted around your existing work and family commitments!

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