Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Daniel’s first ever blog

We’ve got Amanda, Nick and Stephen, and now Train4TradeSkills would like to introduce Daniel Miller, the latest in our line of student bloggers. Daniel began his studies with Train4TradeSkills in September 2010 and is training to become an electrician.

In his first blog, Daniel tells us what he thinks about his course and how he is finding it:

Hi my name is Daniel Miller and this is my first ever blog about training with T4TS to become a domestic electrical installer.

I’m 43 years old and at the moment am working as an assistant manager at a newsagent. You may ask why am I doing this now at this time in my life? I believe you are never too old to learn. I had one of those moments where you think about your past, your future, and where am I going to be in five years time ? I wasn’t too happy where I was, so I decided to take action.

Why a domestic electrical installer? My granddad was an electrician and I have always been intrigued by the electrical industry and how it all comes together.

The studying has been going very well. I do enjoy it but at times it can be very intense. I sometimes think to myself can I really do this, but thanks to Train4TradeSkills, you learn in steps , which makes it easier and there is always a tutor on hand via the phone or email

My tutor Barry is particularly helpful and when I email him I always get a prompt reply. I find what works for me is short and regular study periods and then re-read chapters of the module, which helps as well .

There is so much to take in with the course. It was a bit daunting at first, but is becoming more easier as i learn more. I have acquired a set of electrical books all supplied by T4ts and my best friend is the BS7671, which are the requirements for electrical installations.

I would love to get some hands on experience, but that comes later after I have completed Module 11 and undertaken the practical training at one of the centres, which I am nervous and at the same time excited about. There is also online learning to complete on their web site, which is all necessary to your learning and understanding.

I don’t have a set time table of studying with me working at a newsagents, it is a bit awkward as my hours of work can fluctuate, but I tend to manage it so that i study 4 to 5 times a week. That way I retain the information I have learnt and become more confident. I’m nearly at the end of my first training book which covers modules 1-8, which I will go over what I have learnt and revise. Can’t wait for the next book!

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About Train4tradeSkills

Train4TradeSkills offer the only trade training skills courses that combine three great ways to learn, through a unique blend of book based theory, practical workshops and virtual reality PC based training, to help you qualify you as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer. No other learning provider offers our unique way to study, with full tutor support, easy to follow, step by step modules. Once you complete one part of the course and return your work for marking, the next stage of the course automatically follows. It’s as easy as that. It’s fun, it’s easy to follow... and it can be fitted around your existing work and family commitments!

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