Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Amanda talks CV’s, Virtual Reality and the future of the electrical industry in her latest blog

Amanda Shaw is training to become an electrician with Train4TradeSkills. Amanda is part of the Train4TradeSkills network of student bloggers and tells us what is going on with her course. In her last blog, Amanda was drafting her CV to get electrical experience and how her course is going.

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Here’s Amanda’s latest blog:

After a few days of intermittent connection problems with my internet all seems to be up and running as should be today, So thought I’d take the opportunity to update my blog. I have completed assignment 08 and got the result back which I am very happy with. I am now just waiting for the section 1 part B book to arrive. In the meantime I plan to revise back over the past 8 modules. I have also completed scenario 4 on the virtual reality software, which was to replace a shower unit with a higher Kw unit and ensure the correct cable, isolation switch, and circuit breaker were used. I really enjoy using the software as it helps to build confidence in what we have learnt.

It was nice to get to the end of the first study book, like a little milestone, I’m now really looking forward to getting to the point where I get my dates to go to the training centre. I think though that I may miss the cut off date for the 2330 and 2356 and am reading up now on the qualification that will replace them all, the 2357. I’m eager to find out exactly how this will affect my study and how my and other training providers will go about offering this new qualification, especially as the requirement seems to be that entrants must be in employment in the industry.

The qualification seems to be a great idea to ensure people in the industry are competent enough, and is a good thing. Younger students should find studying for it no problem, although even then that’s assuming they can find work in the industry in the current climate. As for adult learners, I’m afraid this new qualification may be much harder to be able to meet the requirements to study, due to commitments and the fact that they can’t generally do full time study or an apprenticeship. Maybe this is just me getting the wrong impression, and I’d really love peoples ideas and comments on this!! But from what I’m adding up from it all, this may well be quite an obstacle for adult learners looking for a change of career.

I’m still no further yet in getting my practice boards set up as I just can’t free up the money to start buying sockets, switches, cable etc. I’m more concerned about finding the money to pay for my practical weeks accommodation and travel. I did at one point have £100 put away as a start towards this, but along came a vet bill. So I’m back to square one. It’s looking like I may have to try and take out a loan to cover it in time, I just begrudge the amount of interest they get away with charging! I think now the practice boards will have to wait until after my first 2 weeks at the training centre. It’s a set back, but the practical weeks have to take priority. I think a positive way of looking at it is that after the practical weeks, I should have more ideas as to how I want to set up the boards.

I managed to get a few people to review my CV and the feedback has been all in all positive and useful. I recommend to anyone else looking towards getting into the industry to first ask a few people to have a look at your CV and give you an honest evaluation of it. That way you can improve anything that needs it before sending it out to prospective employers and it ending up in the bin. I found that people are usually very willing to help out and offer advice where they can, so don’t be afraid to ask.

That’s about it for now folks, I would really appreciate input regards the new 2357 qualification and what this means for adult trainees, and as always all comments are much appreciated!


About Train4tradeSkills

Train4TradeSkills offer the only trade training skills courses that combine three great ways to learn, through a unique blend of book based theory, practical workshops and virtual reality PC based training, to help you qualify you as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer. No other learning provider offers our unique way to study, with full tutor support, easy to follow, step by step modules. Once you complete one part of the course and return your work for marking, the next stage of the course automatically follows. It’s as easy as that. It’s fun, it’s easy to follow... and it can be fitted around your existing work and family commitments!

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  1. great blog, didn’ t know about 2357, but was looking toward gaining employment cos of NVQ L3. So thanks for the heads up! I’ll leave a longer msg when a I’m back on my pc. ta ra 4 now.

    • Hi Nick.
      The way I understand it is that if you are already registered for the C&G 2330 and 2356 before 31st march, then you will still be able to finish these as planned, though as to if this is how t4ts will do it I’m not sure. It may well be that those already registered will be updated to the 2357. Anyone not registered by that date goes on to the 2357. Though the apparent clause that everyone be already employed in the industry seems rather un realistic in our current climate so I can’t see so many bums on seats in the colleges come september if this isn’t relaxed! The training centres seem to be gearing up to offer the course, so I wonder if they have found a way around it? Seems some of us have landed in a grey area for now. Hope all is well with you, and the study is going well 🙂

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