Nuclear blows wind out of the way to become future of UK energy

Get rid of wind farms and build more nuclear power plants: that’s the message from a number of energy experts, who are urging the government to capitalise on nuclear power.

The Committee on Climate Change’s new report recommends that more nuclear power plants are built in the UK, as nuclear power is the cheapest source of low-carbon energy and will be for at least a decade.

The committee believes that renewable will provide around 30-45% of the UK’s energy by 2030, and nuclear energy is the most cost-effective way of doing that. Offshore wind, in comparison, is very expensive and the committee believes that it should be abandoned to cut costs, particularly as we are in the midst of a recession.

CCC chief executive David Kennedy said in a statement: ”People argue that offshore wind is very expensive – and it’s true, it is more expensive at the moment than some other technologies, so nuclear at the moment looks like the lowest cost low-carbon option.”

EDF Energy are backing these plans, which would involve building 2-3 new nuclear reactors in Britain. They released a statement saying, “The CCC has said that safe nuclear power, the lowest cost, large scale, low-carbon electricity source, is a key element and we agree.”

Of course there are worries about the safety of nuclear energy, particularly after the events at Fukushima and the Japanese earthquake. UK firms have said they are learning from Fukushima and how to upgrade their safety so a similar event doesn’t happen in Britain.

The need for nuclear power is even more urgent as the UK has to achieve a 15% share of renewable by 2020, as part of European Union targets and 34% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990.

What do you think – is nuclear power the answer to Britain’s energy dilemma? Let us know and comment below, or let us know what you think on the Train4TradeSkills Facebook and Twitter pages.


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