Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Nick talks about setting up his own electrical business

Train4TradeSkills Nick ElectricianNick Sims is training to be an electrician with Train4TradeSkills and is one of our student bloggers.

You can visit Nick’s website at and follow him on Twitter at

Here’s Nick’s latest blog:

 I’ve done a lot more studying the past couple of weeks after unit 16, it’s right up my street. It’s mainly to do with electrons, neutrons and protons, electrical circuits using resisters and measurements with the meter in ohms, amps and volts. I really like this part because it reminds me of some time ago that I was an electronics hobbyist where I used to get my components from Maplin and Tandy, which believe me, is a while back.

I’ve done a bit of research in starting up a business. I dug out some Business Link stuff that I tried a few years ago, I was hoping to be self-employed sandwich man, I did all the stuff like a business plan, cash flow forecast and profit and loss etc. I didn’t go ahead with it because a) I was a little scared, and b) I didn’t or wouldn’t have been able to get funding. This time around I know I’ll do it, I have a lot more knowledge, am very keen and really looking forward to the hard work that lies ahead.

I’ve contacted Barclays and asked for a Start-up Business Package, which currently I’m working on a business plan, I’m not quite sure about how I’m going to calculate my cash flow and profit and loss but I’m sure they’ll be able to help. I know that it’s probably a bit soon to think about starting up my business but I think I’d rather put some feelers out now and gain further knowledge, than wait until I’ve completed my 17th Edition exam.

The good thing about it is that things like tools and PPE for doing the job is of minimum outlay, and no overheads, because I’ve already got most of the equipment, which I have bought over a period of time, I suppose the main thing that I will be looking to get would be a van, I’m saving up for that, so I have enough for a down payment at least.

I have had some 250 business cards printed, 25 brochures, 3 pens, a mug and a T-shirt done, just to get a feel for it. The only thing I’ve actually paid for so far is the postage for these items to be delivered. So if anyone wants to check this out I got my items from Vistaprint (Google it), they have a really good selection, very prompt and are a great service, and are constantly giving away free stuff.

Till next time.


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