Train4TradeSkills Students give you advice on how to get jobs and work placements – Part 2

Are you training to be a plumber or electrician with Train4TradeSkills and want to get some practical experience outside of your course? T4TS Radio has spoken to a number of students who are working in the industry alongside their training and gaining valuable experience.

These students offer their advice and tips of how they managed to get work placements and jobs, so you can follow in their footsteps. We’ve already done one of these guides (which you can read here), and here’s Part 2.

Here are the students and the excerpts from their T4TS Radio interviews. All of the interviews are available to listen to at  and you can read and download the stories via Scribd at

Hafiz Aziz

I work in a property maintenance company actually, when I was doing some handyman jobs, but I really need to upgrade myself, so that’s why I’m doing the electrical course.

I was doing some small leaks and small repairs in normal houses actually, but I can’t do work electrical work because I’m not qualified, which has made my take on this course with Train4TradeSkills again. Once I’ve completed my new training, I can take on more work for the property maintenance company.

Read Hafiz’s full interview from T4TS Radio

Pete Whitmarsh

During the summer holiday time, as I obviously get six weeks off in the summer, I’ve been working alongside a couple of plumbers, sometimes paid, sometimes unpaid work, just to gain experience and learn from people on-site as well as within the training centres in Southampton.

Can you tell us a bit about how you managed to get that experience with the plumbers?

I’m quite lucky as my father-in-law is an architect, he has a few contacts with the tradespeople and he managed to give me the name of a plumber, a couple of plumbers, and I’ve just asked them if he would mind me coming along. Some have declined, but some were helpful enough to say, yeah just come along. I spent a week or a couple of weeks at a time with each plumber, a lot of it was unpaid but it was valuable experience for myself.

Listen to Pete’s interview from T4TS Radio

Stephen Marlor

I arranged some work experience with a local plumber in Rhyl called Chris Bereton. I got in touch with Chris through A few other plumbers declined the chance for me to gain work experience, but Chris agreed and I every Thursday and Friday for three months I got some work experience in plumbing.

While on work experience, I helped him with renovations and installing facilities in brand new homes, such as pipework in the kitchen, installing radiators, showers and boilers in the homes.

I found the experience extremely useful, as it allowed me to see and practice what I was learning in the theory part of the course. I learnt a lot and asked plenty of questions.

Chris was very impressed with what I was doing and said he would have trained me up himself if I wasn’t already training to be a plumber.

Listen to Stephen’s interview from T4TS Radio

Dalton Gilbert

I’ve been an electrician for 20 years and have previously worked for a previous small contractor firm and some big industrial firm like Sky, EDF and Virgin energy.

I would definitely tell people it’s a good field to get into because the working industry in the world right now needs engineers and electricians. The jobs are very demanding, and you have to put in that perseverance and be dedicated to your task, to be a successful electrician.

Listen to Dalton’s Interview from Train4TradeSkills Radio

Darren Rodgers

I started my plumbing course in June 2010, since starting the course I have worked for a company that does all building works. I have been mainly working with the other plumber they have.

T4TS has given me the knowledge to install six full bathroom suites in six different flats, on my own, and am now sent out alone to do small maintenance jobs for the company.

I also managed to get a private job for myself fitting a new bathroom for a friend of a friend, since then I found out they own a line of properties and have got me in to fit new bathrooms in 2 of them and have asked me to do another next month.

Read Darren’s interview from Student of the Month

Ben Beadle

Ben works as an apprentice plumber and says:

The time had come to service the 9 boilers in a block of flats for a regular customer. Under the supervision of a qualified gas safe engineer I got underway with servicing the boilers of which 8 passed and gained their landlord certificates.

There was one which the tenant was having problems with the 1st problem was that the pressure had dropped easy fix re pressurise the boiler check that the blow off was dry and PRV and re pressurise expansion vessel.

I fixed the boilers and the customer was very happy to be able to have a shower after three days of no hot water. One thing I would say to everyone even experienced plumbers never assume that a problem on one boiler will be the same on the other because as I have found out it sometimes is not!

Read Ben’s story from Train4TradeSkills Student of the Month here

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