Train4TradeSkills Students Share Their Top Studying Tips – Part 1

Are you training to be an electrician or plumber with Train4TradeSkills and want some help studying?

Train4TradeSkills students now share their top studying tips to help you when studying on your course. All of the interviews are from Train4TradeSkills Radio, our student radio service.

Don’t forget that you can listen to all the student interviews from T4TS Radio at  and download all the stories on our Scribd page at

Richard Haines

Electrical Course

Forklift Operative

“Studying wise: just because you’ve read something, it helps to write it down as well. So you read through the manuals but when it comes to something important, either highlight it or in an additional notepad, then write it down. Even if it takes twice as long, sometimes doing that can make it stick in your head. For important things that’s what I’ve done and kept the notebook. That’s definitely been helpful on certain aspects.”

Neil Pritchard

Plumbing Course

Area Sales Manager

“I think the only thing I would say is be disciplined. If your going to say Monday, Wednesday, Friday go to work then do it, because the easy thing is to say the following night you will never do it. So the idea is to look at your own life – if you play football on a Monday night don’t do your studying on a Monday night, if you always go for a beer on a Friday night, don’t do your studying on a Friday night. Pick the nights you’re not doing anything, set aside and hour and a half and do it that way.”

Wayne Hughes

Plumbing Course

Store Manager

“You kind of have to plan your time and make time for study. When I’ve finished work I’ll grab my books and study then, or when I have a day off I’ll spend a couple of hours on my own studying upstairs – I’ll go by the PC and just crack it out really.”

Neil Cousins

Plumbing Course

Power Station Supervisor

“The only thing that works for me is to shut myself completely away. When I get the slightest distraction it’s not good – so I shut myself in a room with no distractions in 1 and a half hour stints at a time, take a break and then go back to it.”

Mitch Coles

Electrician Course


“Some people do really well by sitting down every Saturday morning at 8am and working till 10am or however long they are going to do it for. I find I work better when I fit it in to what I’m doing and fitting it around my everyday life. I might do half an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, I might do 10 minutes at lunchtime.”


About Train4tradeSkills

Train4TradeSkills offer the only trade training skills courses that combine three great ways to learn, through a unique blend of book based theory, practical workshops and virtual reality PC based training, to help you qualify you as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer. No other learning provider offers our unique way to study, with full tutor support, easy to follow, step by step modules. Once you complete one part of the course and return your work for marking, the next stage of the course automatically follows. It’s as easy as that. It’s fun, it’s easy to follow... and it can be fitted around your existing work and family commitments!

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