Train4TradeSkills Students give you advice on how to get jobs and work placements – Part 4

Are you training to be a plumber or electrician with Train4TradeSkills and want to get some practical experience outside of your course? Train4TradeSkills Radio has spoken to a number of students who are working in the industry alongside their training and gaining valuable experience.

These students offer their advice and tips of how they managed to get work placements and jobs, so you can follow in their footsteps.

Here are the students and the excerpts from their T4TS Radio interviews. All of the interviews are available to listen to at  and you can read and download the stories via Scribd at

Joe Barker-Platt

“Yeah, around two years ago I had a year’s experience as a plumbers mate. It was a great experience when coming onto the course after. I was completing small jobs for another qualified plumber. He was showing me the ropes and we worked on a lot of commercial sites, so it was a lot of lead steel and stuff, and he allowed me to do some small copper work.”

Can you tell us how you arranged your job as a plumber’s mate?

“Well luckily through my uncle. It’s always best to talk to people you know and see if they know anyone else. I think that’s the best way of doing it. It’s helped me because when you read the books it all made sense as you’ve got the experience, I had acted out what they said in the books. With the practical’s I’d already worked on a lot of LCS stuff so when it came to doing the practical I was really good at it.”

Steve Hills

“I’ve been doing private work to try and get some hands-on experience. I’ve got my own website which I’ve set up, business cards. I’m just doing little bits here and there to get my hands in.

I’m working on my own, doing full bathroom installations, radiators, toilets, kitchen sinks, and general maintenance I suppose. My girlfriend’s dad is a plumber, so he helps me out if I need assistance.”

You can visit Steve’s website at

Stuart Bagnall

“I’m training with a plumber once a week for experience. He came round my house to fix the boiler one day and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind someone come around once a week and he said “Yes, sure.” He said he couldn’t pay me or nothing, but he’d love the help.

It’s a bit of everything to be fair. We’ve fitted radiators and done boilers (I’ve not fitted them myself, just watched them), drain systems, first fix, installation work, repair work – a bit of everything really, what a plumber would do.”

 Sam O’Hemeng

“I’ve done stuff at home, that’s how the interest started and I’ve done bits for other people that have problems with such and such, I’ve had a look and managed to do it and it’s kind of escalated from there. At the moment as I’m self-employed I can take on jobs here and there and do work using the skills that I know.

I’ve done a full bathroom suite change and generally lots of the jobs I do and fixing toilets, sinks and baths – little bits and pieces.”

Megan Morphew

“It’s in my family that we’ve all been builders, so it’s been around since I was little and I’ve always had an interest in working outside and do a trade. I’ve been doing small extensions, redoing kitchens, bathrooms and I’ve managed to help out with the plumbing on those to get bearings on everything.

You mentioned you’ve been working with your dad outside of the course. What does he think of the course then?

“He thinks it’s a really good idea, because he doesn’t have any qualifications of his own and now it’s quite important to have qualifications. So he thinks it’s an ideal way for me to work, earn money, see it practically and learn at the same time.

Well it’s in my family that we’ve all been builders, so it’s been around since I was little and I’ve always had an interest in working outside and do a trade.”

 Grant Van Djk

“I’ve just finished a bathroom suite for a friend and other jobs, just on weekends really. I’m starting with a company on Monday – Sanctuary Housing. So I’ll be doing plumbing for them too.

I think is one of the biggest in England and I knew a few people that worked for them, so I sent my CV through and they came back to me and said you need some sort of British qualification. I told them I was studying through Train4TradeSkills for an NVQ Level 2, sent my CV through again, and had my interview last Monday.”

You can listen all the full interviews from Joe, Steve, Stuart, Sam, Megan and Grant at – where you can download to iTunes and your smartphones (iPhone and Android) if you have one.


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