Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Cliff’s blog about his T4TS plumbing course – September 2011

Cliff Raw is training to become a plumber with Train4TradeSkills and is one of our student bloggers. You can read Cliff’s blog at and follow him on Twitter at

I mentioned in my previous post that I am on to the level 3 course work with Train4TradeSkills. Now even though I have not yet completed the level 2 practical’s well the latest news is good as I will be attending ATL Featherstone from the 12th September for my final 2 weeks practical training for level 2 plumbing City & Guilds certificate.

At that point I will no longer be a plumbing student and become a plumber who is extending his qualifications. This to me is the light at the end of the tunnel as I will be able to bring my plans to fruition, that’s as much as I am willing to say for now as I don’t want to jump the gun.


Also when I have completed level 2 I am going to rename my blog. It’s a secret for now and I will only re-launch when I have my results from my GOLA (Global Online Assessment) end exam, But as always my regular readers will be the first to know how things are going as I will be writing a diary blog for weeks 5&6 the first of which you can expect on the 18th September with the follow up a week later on the following Sunday.


Another little project that I have been working on was the installation of a wood burning stove for my mother to hopefully reduce her heating costs and will improving the overall temperature in her home, especially now we have a 17% hike in gas prices to look forward to this winter

Earlier this year we replaced the glass in the old double glazing for the latest A+ rated triple glazed units and added more loft insulation so hopefully she will be toasty warm this winter without making the fat-cats any fatter. Next year Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof will deal with the electricity bills too.

That about wraps it up for this week, thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Regards Cliff.



About Train4tradeSkills

Train4TradeSkills offer the only trade training skills courses that combine three great ways to learn, through a unique blend of book based theory, practical workshops and virtual reality PC based training, to help you qualify you as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer. No other learning provider offers our unique way to study, with full tutor support, easy to follow, step by step modules. Once you complete one part of the course and return your work for marking, the next stage of the course automatically follows. It’s as easy as that. It’s fun, it’s easy to follow... and it can be fitted around your existing work and family commitments!

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