Train4TradeSkills News speaks to Kibosh Inventor Ross Dickinson

Back in February, Train4TradeSkills News wrote about the Kibosh, an ingenious plumbing invention that stops water escaping from burst pipes.

Since then, Ross Dickinson, the inventor of the Kibosh, has entered his product into The Pitch 2011, a competition to find the best new companies in Britain.

Ross was chosen to represented Scotland in the competition, run by, and will compete with the winners from England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the grand final in Novemeber.

Train4TradeSkills News’ Tom Jinks spoke to Ross to find out more about the competition and the Kibosh:

T4TS: Hi Ross, tell us a bit about your background then?

Ross: I’ve been a plumber for 10 years and set up my own business in November after plumbing in New Zealand for a while.

Tell us about the Kibosh and how it works?

If you have a burst pipe you would turn the water off, put a Kibosh on it and then wait for the plumber to come and fix the leak. Without the Kibosh, the burst pipe can wreck a house and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

In an hour you can lose 1000 litres of water from a burst pipe – that’s 10 litres of water a minute. The Kibosh stops that and will minimise the damage from the burst pipe.

Where did the name Kibosh come from then?

When a pipe bursts people usually call the fire brigade, so I asked them what names they thought. I wanted something distinctive and catchy and looked through the thesaurus and found Kibosh – which is to finish something off or put an end to it.

Is the Kibosh for sale then? Has there been much interest?

It’s in the testing stages at the moment, as it needs to go pass all the hot and cold cycles before it can go on sale. But I’ve had a lot of interest in it, with some big companies in the UK and companies in Sweden, South Africa and Azerbaijan showing an interest. I’m planning to launch the Kibosh in the next few months.

Tell us about the Scottish heat of the Pitch 2011, which you won?

There were a few thousands applicants and they narrowed it down to 5 for the final. Any invention was eligible, and there were some related to new energy and some mothers had designed for their children. We all had to do a presentation and they chose me.

So when is the final?

The final is at Pacha nightclub in London on November 18th and will include all 4 winners from the heats plus a wildcard. We have to do a 3 minute presentation and there will be an audience of about 1000 people. (The other competitors include England’s SnoozeShade (a buggy shade) and Wales’ Rocktails – frozen vodka cocktails )

What would winning the competition mean to you?

It would help a massive amount, as it’s £50,000 worth of business support. It includes membership and advertising from and there’s mentoring from businesswomen like Karen Darby (successful entrepreneur and founder of SimplySwitch). It would catapult the business to the next level and would be really helpful.

Train4TradeSkills News wish Ross all the best and hope he and the Kibosh can triumph in London in November.

To find out more about the Kibosh, go to


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