Train4TradeSkills News: ECA launch Wired for Success to entice women to train as electricians

ECA launch campaign to get women into work and trained as electricians

The Electrical Contractors’ Association have launched the Wired for Success Campaign, in order to get more women into work and to take up a career as an electrician.

Only 1% of people in the electrical industry are women, and the ECA aims to improve this figure by getting more women to take up a trade.

The other problem that the Wired for Success campaign is trying to address is that 1 million women are currently unemployed in the UK. The ECA think the campaign can kill two birds with one stone and get unemployed people into work and readdress the gender imbalance in the electrical industry.

The leader of the campaign and former ECA president, Diane Johnson said:

“Wired for Success is exactly what the economy needs in these austere times.

On one hand, our industry is facing an impending skills crisis. On the other, there are more than a million unemployed women in the UK at the moment. In my head I see an obvious solution to two problems.”

The issue of getting women into the electrical industry is also being addressed by the NICEIC and their “Jobs for the Girls” campaign, which aims to get more women to take up a trade.

What do you think about the ECA and their Wired for Success campaign – will it be a success? Let us know and share your thoughts in the comments section below:


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  1. natasa urosevic

    My name is Natasa, i live in Birmingham. I am a 32 yr old working mom of 2. I have been working as an electrician for about 15 yrs now. There really is no reason that women can’t get into the trade. Obviously there are difficulties but suprisingly i have found these don’t come from my collegues, who after an inital “treading on egg shell” phase, accept me and treat me equally, in fact we have a good laugh at work. The main problems i have suffered are from a management level..I think women arn’t made aware of the opportunities available, and any schemes that can encourage women into construction are a good step forward…

  2. I’ve now been unemployed for nearly 4 years now but sadly not an unemployed statistic due to living with my partner. His earnings mean that I’m not entiltled to any benefits or to recieve any help from the job centre. I’m with a number of women that the system has forgot. I really want to get out of this rut. I love this idea and really would love to learn a trade but have no odea where to start

  3. Sadly I do not fall in the unemployment statistics due to living with a partner that has high earnings even though we are not married. athe benefit system and the government do not recognise that I exist and thus I haven fallen out of the loop and no help with looking to re-train. I have ben unemployed nearly 4 yrs now and would love to get into a trade but have no idea where to start being as i’m 41yrs old. Any apprentiships tend to be aimed at youngsters and anyone older like myself on limited fnds do not have much options open.

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