Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Amanda blogs about her electrical course: November 2011

Amanda Shaw is training to be an electrician with Train4TradeSkills and is one of our Bright Sparks bloggers. Here’s her latest blog:

This week I’ve been revising over some past work, I find I’m having to do a little at a time as my concentration levels aren’t at their best just now. I’ve been getting a little frustrated with myself, so yesterday I decided to have my first attempt on my practice board, just to see if it would help bring things back to the front of my mind a little. I had a quick go at a Ring final circuit with what materials I have so far. I’d have liked to have added more to it, but I’m getting the accessories as and when possible, so it had to, for the time being, be a very basic crack at the whip.

I trundled off down the cellar accompanied by Bruce my trusty sidekick, leaving the books upstairs, and got on with trying to put in practice what I could remember. It was the best idea I’ve had all week! As I was going along making the circuit, things seemed to just pop to the front of my mind again and I found myself recalling things I’d forgotten about. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was only upset by the fact I wanted to add more and carry on, but due to lack of 2.5 cable and extra surface mount boxes and socket plates, I had to be content with What I had.

It was a really useful experience as I was realising better ways of doing things as I was going along, and I walked away from it when I’d finished, having found a bit more confidence in myself again and in my ability to retain information. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s mostly still there, it just needs a little shove. Ok, it’s not the most complicated circuit, but I was happy that when I finished and stood back and looked at it, I was fairly happy with it. I really needed a confidence boost, and it seemed to help.

The one thing with home studying that you really miss sometimes, is having your tutor physically there to take a look at your work and give you some pointers. It would be nice to have a virtual “Barry” who could pop up and be able to assess what you’ve done. However, the next best thing I can do is post some photos on here, and hope for anyone reading who has any criticisms, pointers etc to comment. One thing I don’t want to do is get into a rut of turning out work I think is ok, when actually it needs improvement in areas. So I’d very much appreciate comments.

I’m hoping to slowly acquire more accessories, and continue getting a little hands-on where I can in making more complicated circuits. I’ve found it very beneficial, if not even a little therapeutic! I’m determined to get through this whatever has happened and be the best I can be. I think my practice boards are going to be a big part in helping me towards that end. They’re not a substitute for on the job experience, far from it. Until that day comes along however, the more time and experience I can get in having a go at as many varying circuits as possible, the better. I have found a real passion for something, and starting on this journey has been the best thing I have done in my life so far. I’ve found something that I enjoy and that really has a grip of my interest. I wake up and I want to learn more and more. If I don’t get through the day feeling I’ve absorbed something, then I’ve had a bad day.

I’m hoping at the end of this week to get out and buy some more cable clips, some more earth sleeving, and a couple more surface mount boxes and possibly a bit more 2.5 cable. I intend to extend the circuit, add some non fused and fused spurs etc. Then I want to get more things together for a lighting circuit, and get some experience in that, especially to have a go at intermediate switching. Between now and then, it’s back to the books and flash cards, and see if I can’t train Bruce to make the brews in time for my next venture into the cellar 😉

I’d like to say a big thank you to those who donated some accessories etc to help towards getting my board set up. I really very much appreciate it. The all round help and support from those in the industry has been amazing and I feel blessed to have made some great friends and acquaintances. You know who you are, and Thank you!!!

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  1. great post, very enjoyable read. My exams are coming soon, next month and I’ve been concentrated on lots of revision, hence no blogs recently so its good to hear someone keeping the end up for us sparks.

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