Osborne Delivers More Funding for the Building Sector

Chancellor George Osborne officially has confirmed the long expected details of his plans to boost construction in Britain and encourage growth.

With making his announcement today in the Commons, Mr Osborne revealed how the government is going to invest billions of pounds in the British economy to ease long-term projects with national importance.

As previously suggested on this blog, today’s announcement will have a huge impact on the construction and building sector. The decisions announced today by the Chancellor are expected to build a stronger economy for the future and boost employment figures.

An increase of £30 billion of the National Infrastructure Plan, which was announced today, will have a profound effect on the construction industry meaning more contracts for businesses in the Building Engineering Sector.

Another extra £5bn in short term projects for infrastructure work will be funded by savings from the Government’s current account spending.

The construction industry was a key point in Chancellor’s speech today. He emphasised on the importance of the reforms which the Government is undertaking to boost the economy and achieve its quite ambitious projections for growth.

Some of the measures announced today in Chancellor’s Statement included ways of encouraging investors to contribute for a more balanced economy, creating a more educated workforce in Britain to be able to compete with the rest of Europe as well as making the UK better place to start, finance and grow a business.

The construction industry is hopeful of Osborne’s decision to make the infrastructure a key priority in Britain. Some 40 priority projects alongside some 500 additional longer-term schemes announced today will create thousands of jobs in the building sector.

What does the Chancellor’s Statement mean for your business? Are you more optimistic about finding jobs in the building sector after Osborne’s announcement today? Let us know what you think by commenting below:


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