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Train4TradeSkills offer the only trade training skills courses that combine three great ways to learn. We use a blend of book-based learning with thoroughly researched coursework, PC based `e-learning’ with access to our unique 3D Virtual Reality House, followed by practical training in fully equipped workshops.

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Step 1 – Book based learning

Plumbing Professional CoursebookOnce you’ve signed up for your Train4TradeSkills course, you’ll be assigned to tutor team who will oversee your progress, keep track of your achievements and be at the end of an e-mail or phone to help you when you get stuck. Each course itself is carefully planned to enable you to work through the subjects required to achieve industry accreditation, independently, at your own pace and in easy to manage stages.

At the end of each section, you’ll complete Assignments, which you send to the tutor team for marking and guidance, before moving on to the next section. And if at any time you find a subject tricky, you can just go back over it, until you’re confident with your knowledge.

Student studying the Plumbing Elearning CourseStep 2 Virtual Reality E-learning

Having achieved the initial stages of the course theory, e-learning is introduced into each of the courses, using highly advanced `serious computer games technology’ to enable you to practice your skills in a virtual reality house, on your own PC. The great advantage of learning through this highly visual, interactive training system is that the training is more memorable, it’s engaging and it’s fun!

By guiding the cursor through the rooms of the virtual house you can diagnose and repair faults, from a leaking radiator to a household appliance that keeps fusing, then check the results of your work with the fault finding report. Get it right and you can move on, if you get a lower score, you can try the exercise all over again, without risk or cost to you or your `customer’. Virtual Reality E-learning allows you to:

  • Enhance your knowledge and understanding
  • Enable you to learn in your own time and pace
  • Ability to explain complicated messages and topics via advanced visuals, animations and virtual reality techniques
  • Users will be able to learn in a safe environment
  • Build confidence in your capabilities about the studied subject matter
  • Be able to establish achievable personal targets and focus on outcomes
  • Uplifting your exam pass-rates
  • To consolidate your theoretical knowledge prior to undertaking practical workshop exercises

Step 3 – Practical Training

Plumbing Practical Training Workshops

A key part of Train4TradeSkills blended learning skills training is the opportunity to try out newly learnt skills in a fully equipped, workshop environment, with the guidance of enthusiastic and qualified professional tutors.

Once you’ve progressed through the various modules and e-learning exercises, you’ll be invited to attend practical, hands-on training in workshops in key locations in the UK. Your training will take place in life-size room sets, replicating bathrooms, kitchens and other domestic settings, to give you as realistic as possible insight into working in the real world. And because you’ll have had the chance to practice in the virtual `house’, by the time you get to the workshops, you’re far more likely to get it right first time, every time.
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  1. thats great information for me.. that is useful site for my training.. thanks for your information…

  2. hello, i am trying to log in so i can send in an exam but cant, whats wrong?

  3. i am not a plumber by profession but i have an opportunity to be working with a construction
    company.please i love the profession and i want to learn it.

    many thanks,

    michael adenuga

  4. renson muteti lazarus

    am renson muteti lazarus a plumber by profession for 13 years and i wish to be given an opportunity to work with the construction company am kenyan citizen and ready to travel thank you . i want to learn more.

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