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Heathrow unveils £3bn investment plan

Heathrow unveils £3bn investment plan

Heathrow Airport has announced plans to invest a further £3 billion in improving its infrastructure which will boost the building industry and create new jobs.

The announcement forms part of the airport’s business plan which represents one of the largest private-sector investments in UK infrastructure.

The plans include the completion of Terminal 2 and the early works on extending the building. It will see the development of integrated baggage system and the construction of new taxiways.

Heathrow chief executive Colin Matthews said: “Heathrow is the UK’s only hub airport and a strategically important national infrastructure asset.”

“Heathrow faces stiff competition from other European hubs and we must continue to improve the service we offers passengers and airlines.”

“We have invested billions of pounds in new facilities such as Terminal 5 in recent years and passengers say they have noticed the difference.”

“Our plan for a further £3 billion of private-sector investment will further improve the airport for passengers. The plan represents good value for money for airlines and passengers and comes at no cost to taxpayers.”

Heathrow will open the new Terminal 2 in 2014.  The subsequent move of airlines into the new terminal allows the closure of Terminal 1 in 2016. By 2019 work will already have started on extending Terminal 2.

Since 2003, Heathrow has invested £11 billion in the airport. Investment includes the construction of Terminal 5, a new Terminal 2 due to open in 2014, new baggage tunnels, and the refurbishment of Terminals 3 & 4.


Train4TradeSkills Radio: Malcolm Parkinson talks about electrical training with T4TS Part 1

Malcolm Parkinson is training to become an electrician with Train4TradeSkills. Train4TradeSkills Radio interviewed Malcolm to find out how his electrical course is going.

You can listen to the full interview with Malcolm via AudioBoo at: 

Virtual Reality Makes Learning Easier

Virtual reality training and Innovative 3D simulation can help students accelerate the learning process and build vocational skills much faster than any other conventional studying environments; research by “Towards Maturity” has revealed.

Game technologies and new innovative learning methods can help students actively engage in the building trades just the way they would normally do in the real world. The research found that each student’s skills and confidence will increase once their fear of failure has been appropriately addressed.

In addition to increasing students’ achievements, the overall aim of any virtual reality programme is to make things more accessible and reduce training costs, Head of Research at Towards Maturity, Dr Genny Dixon has found.

The research shows that the time spent on training could be reduced by 30%, resulting in significantly lower costs for students. Read the full details of the research below:

Train4TradeSkills Radio: Gas tutor Anthony Scotto talks about gas training with T4TS, Part 1

Anthony Scotto is a gas tutor at Train4TradeSkills fulfilment centre in Worcestershire. Train4TradeSkills Radio spoke to Anthony to find out what students make of his training and how they are going to use it to develop their career.

Listen to Anthony’s Interview from Train4TradeSkills Radio via AudioBoo at:    

Civil Engineering and Manufacturing Expands

Civil engineering contractors and businesses in the manufacturing sector have indicated growth in their workloads for the New Year, a survey has indicated.

The survey conducted by the purchasing managers’ index (PMI) has shown a sharp increase in output, a rise in new orders and a fall in cost faced by the manufacturing and civil engineering sector.

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) reported companies have seen indications that customers are increasingly willing to spend.

Chief executive at CIPS, David Noble, welcomed the statistics saying they are good news for the manufacturing sector. However, Mr Noble mentioned that more time will be needed for the manufacturing industry to establish whether growth is sustainable.

He told the BBC: “The UK manufacturing sector has sprung to life in the first month of 2012 to defy any economic gloom, but it is too early to say whether this trend is sustainable.”

Meanwhile, the UK’s leading infrastructure contractors have urged the government to continue with delivering recently announced investments for improving infrastructure and boosting businesses across the UK.

The government has previously said in its Autumn Statement for 2012 that a key priority for growth will be the Building and Construction Industry –with recent investment of over £5 billion to improve contractors’ order books for years ahead.


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Best Young Plumber in the World Awarded Medal

Shane Trevitt from Llkley, West Yorkshire, was named the best young plumbing and heating engineer this year along with 86 other prize winners who attended the Annual Building Awards Ceremony in Leeds.

Jarrod Best, managing director of Leeds-based GMI Construction, who started his career as an apprentice at Leeds College of Building presented the awards to the winners.

He said: “It’s fantastic to be invited back to these events and to meet the next generation of students entering the construction industry. Leeds College of Building has a reputation for producing top quality apprentices and the fact that 87 students were collecting prizes for excellence is testament to this.”

Roofer apprentice, Matthew Timby, won gold in the young roofers section of the International Federation of Roofing Contractors World Championships.

Mr Best said: “A career in construction offers so many possibilities and everyone I spoke to at this awards ceremony certainly has the potential to enjoy long and successful future in the industry.”

Chris Thornton, from Leeds, won the Governors’ Award for his willingness to help his peers and the overall contribution he made throughout his studies in civil engineering.

The 27-year-old, who works at Hydrotec Consultants, said: “Winning this award is a great achievement, especially when you consider that the college had more than 7,000 students to choose from. It will definitely stand out on my CV throughout my civil engineering career.”

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Train4TradeSkills Triumphs with Double Gold at the E-Learning Awards 2011

The Train4TradeSkills team: L-R Stephen Wilson, David Fletcher, Myra Smallman, Professor Carsten Maple, Felix Cretu, John Owens

London, UK – 15 November 2011 – Train4TradeSkills, the specialist company that offers flexible courses to train as a qualified plumber, electrician and gas engineer, scooped the double accolade of two Gold awards at this year’s E-Learning Awards, held at London’s Marriott Hotel in Mayfair on 10th November 2011. The Luton-based company beat stiff competition from the likes of Sky, BT and RBS Group in the awards that saw entries from almost 20 countries.


The E-Learning awards celebrate the strength and depth of successful e-learning that is taking place across the globe. Train4TradeSkills won Gold awards in the categories ‘Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment’ and ‘Most innovative new learning hardware or software product’.


Train4TradeSkills put together an extremely talented team and has developed innovative virtual reality training to form a key component of its courses. The virtual environment allows students to learn the tools of the trade for plumbing, electrics and gas engineering. The virtual reality training allows students to practice trade skills in a virtual environment, before embarking on the workshop-based practical training element of their course.


The Train4TradeSkills team accept their awards

Myra Smallman, Principal of Train4Tradeskills said: “It’s just like flight simulation used to train pilots and cabin staff. We’ve made a substantial investment in research and development and the result is we have a unique virtual reality environment where students can learn hands-on skills without health and safety risks. It allows users of varied abilities to develop skills to a very high standard. Our system is specifically designed to stimulate learning and build users’ confidence.”


A short video explaining the training is online at


Train4TradeSkills Double GOLD at the E-Learning Awards 2011

Epic, Train4TradeSkills and Information Transfer were among the organisations that triumphed at the E-Learning Awards 2011.  The gala evening was held at the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square in London’s Mayfair.

Entries were received from nearly 20 countries and nearly 500 people gathered to celebrate the strength and depth of successful e-learning that is taking place across the globe.  16 award categories produced a record 39 winners and showcased the astonishing range and quality of e-learning.

Epic, Brightwave and Train4TradeSkills were both double gold winners with Epic also taking a bronze.  Unicorn Training Group took gold in the much coveted e-learning development company of the year category while Information Transfer scooped gold for a record 4th time in the popular best e-learning project securing widespread adoption category.

The full results of the 2011 E-Learning Awards are:

  • Best use of social media for learning

Winner:             Deutsche Welle German Courses

  • Best use of synchronous e-learning

Winner:             Brightwave

  • Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment

Gold winner:       Train4TradeSkills

Silver winner:          Parliament’s Education Service & Preloaded

Bronze winner:        Caspian Learning/Interplay Energy

  • Best use of rapid e-learning content

Gold winner:       BT Learning & Development – SSV – eLearning & Multimedia

Silver winner:          McDonald’s UK and Kineo

Bronze winner:        Unicorn Training Group

  • Best use of mobile learning

Gold winner:       Epic and Harper Collins

Silver winner:          LINE Communications and the Royal School of Artillery

Silver winner:          Encyclopædia Britannica

  • Most innovative new learning hardware or software product

Gold winner:       Train4TradeSkills

Silver winner:          DH e-Learning for Healthcare: e-Fetal Monitoring

Bronze winner:        Curatr by HT2

Bronze winner:        Fusion Universal

  • Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies

Gold winner:       CA Technologies

Silver winner:     RBS Group

Bronze winner:   Epic and the BBC

  • Best online distance learning programme

Gold winner:       RM Lightbox/National College for School Leadership

Silver winner:     Workplace Law Environmental

  • Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption

Gold winner:       Information Transfer and Cambian Group

Silver winner:     BP and Kineo

  • Excellence in the production of learning content – not for profit sector

Gold winner:       LINE Communications and AO Foundation

Silver winner:     St George’s, University of London

Bronze winner:   League Football Education, Sportiv8 and Kineo

  • Excellence in the production of learning content – public sector

Gold winner:       Epic and the BBC

Silver winner:     abcenglish, International Learning Centre and Wigan Council

Bronze winner:   NPIA/NCALT: Mental Ill Health and Learning Disability Awareness

  • Excellence in the production of learning content – private sector

Gold winner:       eCom Scotland in partnership with Howden

Silver winner:     Boots in partnership with Mind Click

Silver winner:     Compass Group and Kineo

Bronze winner:   Purple Media

Bronze winner:   essential.genius

  • E-learning industry award for outstanding achievement – individual

Winner:             Mike Booth – Cable & Wireless

  • E-learning industry award for outstanding achievement – corporate

Winner:             Sky in partnership with Brightwave

  • E-learning internal project team of the year

Winner:             Crown Prosecution Service

  • E-learning development company of the year based overseas

Winner:             Michael Management Corporation

  • E-learning development company of the year

Gold winner:       Unicorn Training Group

Silver winner:     Walkgrove

 The full results are at

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