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Wales Office Minister: “Green Deal great for consumers and business”

Wales Office Minister Green Deal great for consumers and businessWales Office Minister, Stephen Crabb, has visited the British Gas Training Academy in Tredegar to show his support for the Green Deal initiative that will create thousands of new jobs.

The Green Deal will give homes and businesses a new way of paying for energy efficient improvements, such as insulation and new heating systems.

The scheme is expected to support 60,000 jobs in the insulation sector by 2015, providing a real boost for the expanding market of energy efficiency products and the construction industry.

Mr Crabb said: “Thousands of homes across Britain are wasting energy and money because of poor energy efficiency, yet demand for measures to counter this remains low. The Green Deal gives people the opportunity to make this right.

“And today, we will see that it’s not just consumers that will benefit. The Green Deal is also great for business, creating a new market and new jobs.”

The Greendeal programme provides funding of up to £15,000 for each home which can be used to install one or more officially approved Greendeal measures.

These Greendeal measures have been proven to save energy and therefore help the environment as well as reduce the cost of energy bills.

Green Deal in numbers

  • £125 million is available in the Government funded Cashback Scheme
  • 8 million households could benefit from solid wall insulation
  • 4 million households could benefit from cavity insulation
  • 60,000 jobs are expected to be supported in the insulation sector alone by 2015 – up from 26,000 in 2011
  • £3.5 million of funding to training in key Green Deal skills
  • £270 a year could be saved if a typical three bedroom semi-detached house installed just solid wall insulation
  • 38% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from leaky buildings

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Industry urges EU policy-makers to build low carbon future

A group of energy giants will today launch a new alliance aiming to stimulate the renewable industry as Europe seeks to advance its low carbon economy and create new trade jobs.

The so-called Energy Partnership will be launched today in Brussels by its founding partners Alpine Energie, Dong Energy, First Solar, GE, and Shell.

The companies said they are aiming to promote the use of gas alongside the growth of renewables by creating policies that effectively integrate the two technologies.

They maintain that both gas and renewables could play a critical role in the European Commission’s 2050 Energy Roadmap, and that the two technologies will be highly complementary until at least 2030.

They argue that gas can provide a low carbon and flexible energy supply that can help balance out the supply of intermittent renewables, such as wind and solar.

Launching the partnership, Stephan Reimelt, chief executive of GE Germany, will say that combining renewables and gas will be the key to building a low carbon economy.

“Companies from different parts of the energy market are launching this new alliance because the evidence is clear that renewables and gas offer the most affordable, reliable, and sustainable pathway for an energy secure Europe,” he will say.

Jörg Gmeinbauer, director of Alpine Energie, will say the alliance can herald a shift in the debate around EU energy policy.

“It’s time for a systems approach to Europe’s energy policy,” he says. “We need integrated policies, market reforms, and investment in generation, transmission, and infrastructure if we are to achieve Europe’s energy goals.

“We have formed the Energy Partnership because together the partners can offer practical pathways to the future based on the synergy between renewables and gas.”

A Multi Million Private Investment to Create New Jobs


The Halite Energy Group is planning to develop an underground gas storage facility in Lancashire that will create thousands of new jobs in the construction engineering industry, a report by economic development and regeneration consultants says.

The Preesall Gas Storage Economic Impact Report  shows that the £660 million investment at Preessall, Lancashire, could create over 3,000 jobs at its peak and support additional employment across the UK. Building the proposed gas storage facility, which will almost double UK’s storage capacity, is expected create 1200 jobs every year with total duration of construction work of 8 years.

Halite Energy Group is seeking permission by the Planning Inspectorate to build 19 caverns for the storage of natural gas as the final decision is expected to be made by the Secretary of State early next year.

Commenting on the report Dr John Roberts CBE, chairman of Halite said: “There is an urgent need to bring forward major infrastructure schemes such as the one we are proposing to stimulate growth and provide much needed jobs in the UK.”

Tony Attard OBE, Chairman of the Institute of Directors for the North West, said: “This project will improve our energy security, create jobs and provide a boost to businesses in Lancashire and the North West. Britain needs more gas storage, and it’s essential that projects such as these go ahead at full speed to reduce the likelihood of damaging gas price spikes. We simply can’t take risks with the security of our energy supplies.”

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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Leigh Reeve talks about plumbing training with T4TS

Leigh Reeve is training to become a plumber with Train4TradeSkills. Train4TradeSkills Radio interviewed Leigh to find out how his plumbing course is going.

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Virtual Reality Makes Learning Easier

Virtual reality training and Innovative 3D simulation can help students accelerate the learning process and build vocational skills much faster than any other conventional studying environments; research by “Towards Maturity” has revealed.

Game technologies and new innovative learning methods can help students actively engage in the building trades just the way they would normally do in the real world. The research found that each student’s skills and confidence will increase once their fear of failure has been appropriately addressed.

In addition to increasing students’ achievements, the overall aim of any virtual reality programme is to make things more accessible and reduce training costs, Head of Research at Towards Maturity, Dr Genny Dixon has found.

The research shows that the time spent on training could be reduced by 30%, resulting in significantly lower costs for students. Read the full details of the research below:

Gas Fitter Jailed Over Woman’s Death


BBC News reported today that gas fitter, Andrew Hartley, who had botched the installation of a boiler in Lansdow, Bath, which caused the death of 24-year-old woman, has been jailed for three years over her death.

Andrew Hartley was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence in Bristol Crown Court yesterday. He admitted breaching gas safe regulations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 by failing to secure the boiler flue pipe with screws.

The tragic death of Zoe Anderson, who was overcame by carbon monoxide in the shower room of her father’s home, was result of a ‘rushed’ and ‘botch’ job, the prosecution in Bristol Crown Court concluded.

Miss Anderson died within 30 minutes of being exposed to the carbon monoxide after fumes leaked from the flue pipe connected to the boiler of the house, The Daily Mail reported.

Detective Inspector (DI) Neil Beament, who led the investigation, said that despite the fact Andrew Hartley was a professional tradesman with the relevant qualification, he carried out sub-standard work which led to the death of 24-year-old Zoe Anderson.

DI Beament said: “The verdict and sentence reflects the severity of his failings and sends a clear message to all tradesmen in relation to the duty of care they owe all their customers.

“The case also highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and I would urge all householders to consider the installation of appropriate devices.”- added Mr Beament.

It is a legal requirement for trade professionals who carry out gas work to be registered on the Gas Safe Register. Gas engineers are re-tested on every five years in order to comply with Health and Safety regulations.  They have to provide proof of their technical expertise, including the required qualification and relevant certificate of competence.

In a statement about Mr Hartley’s case the Health and Safety Executive said: “The householder in this case did the right thing – they employed a registered gas engineer who is legally allowed to work on gas appliances.

“However, the engineer failed to apply their competence and expertise, which has led to tragic consequences.

“It is vital that registered gas engineers always apply their knowledge and skills on every gas job they carry out and make sure gas work is left safe for people to use.

“If engineers cut corners they can expect to be held to account for their actions.”

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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Jonathan Soutter talks about plumbing training with T4TS

Jonathan Soutter is training to become a plumber with Train4TradeSkills. Train4TradeSkills Radio interviewed Jonathan to find out how his plumbing course is going.

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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Robert Scott talks about plumbing training with T4TS

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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Muhammad Islam talks about plumbing training with T4TS

Muhammad Islam is training to become a plumber with Train4TradeSkills. Train4TradeSkills Radio interviewed Muhammad to find out how his plumbing course is going.

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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Plumbing tutor Paul Brock talks about plumbing training with T4TS, Part 1

Paul Brock is a plumbing tutor at Train4TradeSkills fulfilment centre in Southampton. Train4TradeSkills Radio spoke to Paul to find out what students make of his training and how they are going to use it to develop their career.

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