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You can contact Train4TradeSkills by:

Phone: 0845 0551008

Email:* (submitting press releases/news stories only)

If you are looking to train as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer and would like more information on the courses we offer, go to:

The Train4TradeSkills Plumbing Course

The Train4TradeSkills Electrician Course

The Train4TradeSkills Gas Engineer Course

*Press enquiries: e-mail to or write to the address below.

*Student contact: in the first instance contact your tutor, e-mail to or write to the address below.

Train4TradeSkills, Hamilton House, 80-88 Collingdon Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1RX

Telephone: +44(0)845 050 7675

Our Writers:

Editor – Eric Wiltsher

A Journalist with over 20 years of experience, Eric has worked in radio for BBC World Service, Radio Luxembourg and London’s LBC 97.3 FM. Eric is the presenter and producer for Train4TradeSkills Radio, the student radio service for trainee plumbers and electricians, and is in charge of social media for Train4TradeSkills.

Eric took over from former Editor Tom Jinks, who ran the blog and social media for Train4TradeSkills from August 2010 to December 2011.

Got a story for Train4TradeSkills News? You can contact Eric by email at

 Deputy Editor – Milko Hadzhigenov

Milko writes all the stories and manages all the social media pages for Train4TradeSkills and has been doing that since November 2011.

Amanda Shaw

Amanda is studying to be an Electrician with Train4TradeSkills and blogs for us about how she is finding her course and what she is getting up to. You can read Amanda’s Blog at

Nick Sims

Nick is also studying to be an Electrician with Train4TradeSkills and, like Amanda, blogs for us and tells us how he is finding his course. You can visit his site here or follow him on Twitter

Daniel Miller

Daniel is training to become an electrician and blogs about how his course and training is going. Follow Daniel on Twitter at

Clifford Raw

Cliff is on the plumbing course with Train4TradeSkills and writes about how his training is going. You can read Cliff’s Blog at

Do you want to blog about your Train4TradeSkills course? Then send our editor Eric Wiltsher an email at .

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  2. Hi ive found you’re number in the dudley news &was very interested in finding more about the electrician course for 43 & lost my job in a pub due to redundancy. in the mean time ive gone on coarses which ive passed my level one in maths &english while looking for work.I would be very grateful if you could get back in touch best regards sam

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