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Swansea Council doing their bit to create construction jobs and apprenticeships

Swansea Council are doing their bit to help the construction industry by helping tradespeople find work.

HVP Magazine reports that Swansea Council’s Corporate Building and Property Services Team are looking for 12 apprentices to take part in this year’s scheme. They are believed to be looking for plumbers to fill some of the roles.

The work will involve maintenance jobs and fixing facilities at tourist attractions in the city and working on new homes and buildings in Swansea. This is part of Swansea Council’s quota that 10% of their tradesmen and women will be apprentices.

Swansea Council’s apprenticeship scheme is one of a number of initiatives by the council to ensure that local contractors are hired for local projects.

The council is pioneering an initiative called “Beyond Bricks and Mortar” and are spending £90 million a year to persuade local companies who have been awarded local contracts to employ local people. Such schemes include upgrading homes in Clydach to the renovation of Oystermouth Castle.

Martin Nicholls, the Council’s Head of Service for Corporate Building and Property, said that, “the Council is setting an example by training the local workforce through apprenticeships and working to encourage others to do the same.”

This is positive news for the construction industry as Swansea Council are creating jobs for plumbers and electricians in the areas, as well as providing valuable work experience for trainees.

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