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Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Nick talks Learning Lounge, TMA’s and poker in latest blog

Train4TradeSkills Nick ElectricianIf you are a regular reader of Nick’s blog, you will know that he is training to become an electrician with Train4TradeSkills. You can read all of Nick’s previous blogs on Train4TradeSkills News, and follow him on Twitter at as well.


Well it’s been busy again, no rest for the wicked. I seem to flip from looking at a business plan, and what’s involved there, to a lot of studying.


I’m currently on the last module of my workbook which is TMA18, my last TMA result was another good one so I’m pleased with that, I think if I were to go back over the workbook as I did the TMA, I would probably get an even better result, but what I do is by memory, which I think proves how much I’ve read has sunk into my little head.


I’ve started a new kind of hobby in tracing my birth parents, I’m finding that very time consuming and spend many hours at the library using they’re ‘find my past’ site, which is free at the library but is around £80 a year to any other.


I’ve been speaking to the other student bloggers on Facebook and it is a good medium to try and get some hints and tips with the courses that we are doing. Cliff has got me hooked into Texas Hold’em poker which is very addictive, luckily it’s not real money otherwise I’d be broke! Well I did help him out of a glitch with scenarios so I guess that makes us even, LOL.


I’ve been logged into the learning lounge non stop, there is so much to learn, and it’s so easy to understand as they, Dave Austin and Tony Cable, demonstrate real life situations and explain in real plain English. I’ve managed to download a couple of the videos to my phone and they play amazingly well so I can look at that them anytime, which is really helpful.


Till next time.




Train4TradeSkills Bright Sparks: Amanda’s back and talks about the dreaded wiring regs, Learning Lounge and home studying in latest blog

It’s been a while since my last post as the muck up fairy has been around waving her little wand, and scattering a few obstacles in my path, here and there of late. I had to take a little time out to try and deal with a few issues whilst trying to keep up with some study.

I got the module 09 assignment in and am now studying module 10, so not too long now until I will get my dates for my first 2 weeks at the training centre. I’m really looking forward to getting there, and the worry about finding the money for the accommodation has been resolved thankfully. I received a donation of some switch plates, socket plate, FCU plates and lamp holders towards getting my boards up and running, and along with the C.U that was kindly donated, and some other items that are soon to come my way, the boards should soon be a welcome addition to my studies.

I am now also the lucky holder of a year’s subscription to the Learning lounge, which was also kindly donated towards helping me with my studies, and I must say I am finding it extremely useful! I really would recommend it to anyone who is studying towards being a sparky. The videos and interactive quizzes are a great aid to learning and I’d be more than happy to part with the subscription fee for such a useful tool. All in all, a very useful learning aid and I’d really tell anyone thinking of subscribing to go for it.

I am gradually coming to appreciate BS7671 2008 (The dreaded wiring regs) more and finding it less daunting to navigate than I did when I first opened it up and thought it was written by the same guy who created the Enigma code. So, I’m actually a little bemused to think that the first amendment will soon be published and it will be a case of starting again. Although, it may well not be so daunting when it arrives now that I’ve started to make friends with the current book. I plan to keep the current one as some strange sort of keepsake as and when the new one arrives, where as a few months ago I would happily have doused it in something extremely flammable and chanted prayers over it to ward off its evil. So I guess in a way, slowly but surely I’m getting a little more confident in what I’ve set out to achieve and am enjoying the journey.

The past few months have brought home just how important it really is to keep giving yourself a shove when home studying, There has been particular moments where life can have a habit of throwing all manner of reasons at you to just put off studying and it’s important to keep it in the front of your mind that the end result is going to depend on you keeping at it. It’s far too easy to get into a rut of waiting for a better moment to go back to it. I’ve learnt it’s important to have to really sit myself down here and there and give myself a good kick up the rear to look at the bigger picture.

I’ve spoken to a few people who find it hard to keep up with the study and for all the difference of opinion regards studying at home, it really does take a hell of a lot of self discipline, and quite a bit of understanding and respect from those we live with, to ensure we get the time and space to concentrate on it.

To have the self discipline to get through these barriers is no small feat at times. So to those of you out there who are finding it hard to sit down to the books, a big hug and an even bigger nudge. Get the books out and let’s get cracking. The end result depends on it!

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